Try Before you Buy on Stage

Try Before you Buy & Earn Money

1- How can I register for Stage sales channel and activate my account?

You can simply add Stage from the sales channel list in your Shopify store. After adding it, you will see Stage under your sales channel list. To activate your account, you need to choose a “username” and an “image” and enter your “email, first and last name, and phone number”. After submitting this information, our team will verify your account and after the confirmation, your account would be activated and “The Stage is Yours”!

2- What should I do to enter my products in Stage sales channel?

Nothing. All your products in your store will be added to Stage sales channel automatically.

3- How do I add or remove the Stage sales channel?

To add Stage sales channel in your Dashboard, go to Settings > Sales Channels > Add Stage sales channel.

To remove Stage sales channel in your Dashboard go to Settings > Sales Channels, and click the trash can beside our sales channel to remove.

4- How do I remove a product from Stage?

To remove a product from Stage sales channel in your Dashboard, go to Products > Edit Product > right-click on SALES CHANNELS AND APPS- Manage > Remove Stage.

5- How long should I wait to see videos for my products?

When your account is activated, influencers and Stage Mobile App users can see all your products in the Mobile App. After that, influencers will start promoting your products and when they make movies about your products, you can see those videos in your Shopify store panel under your Stage video list.

6- How can I manage the videos in the app?

When influencers make videos for your products, you can see those videos in the “video” section under the list of your Stage sales channel. The videos would be titled as “pending” until you decide about them whether to “Approve” or “Reject”. If you approve the video, the video will be published otherwise nobody can see that video.

7- I do not like the created video, what should I do?

The videos created by influencers will not be published unless you approve them. You can simply “Reject” the videos if you do not like them and the videos will not be published.

8- How can I contact you?

You can email us at


or call us at +1 (647) 636-7824.